MG Lordly Associates Inc.
  • What we do
  • UX strategy and design, information architecture
  • Online and mobile application development
  • Website planning, development and realignment
  • How can we work with you?

How can we work with you?

Turnkey, full site development –  We’ve been building websites, large and small, top to bottom, for more than seven years. We are very good at finding an optimal balance between a site’s objectives and its budget.

As part of your Internet planning group –  We can work with your internal business strategies team to identify opportunities and determine an optimal online approach for your business or organization.

As part of a larger Internet development team – We offer our Information Architecture, User Experience Design, and Content Development services individually in a consultant-supplier capacity, working with your other technical, design, and production suppliers.

Analyze and improve your existing site – Do you feel that your site is under-performing? A lordlyassociates Full Site Assessment can help you determine where the weaknesses lay.

We can improve the site organization, create a more logical navigation, streamline tasks and create a cohesive visual design, while retaining the aspects of your site that are working well.

We can assess and revamp your content, or add missing features and tools that will be catalysts for improved performance.