MG Lordly Associates Inc.
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  • UX strategy and design, information architecture
  • Online and mobile application development
  • Website planning, development and realignment
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What we do

lordlyassociates provides a full spectrum of integrated services intended to improve a company's online connection with their customers. We combine strategy with experience-based design, knowledge architecture and strategic content, technical expertise and broad implementation skills. All this with a unique understanding of the consumer perspective.

We offer our services individually. Yet the true benefit of our interdisciplinary approach is realized by integrating business, design, content, and technology across all stages of planning and development.

Our process is scalable. Not every project has the same requirements, but most share the same issues. It is a matter of degree and complexity, suitability and budget. We determine what is appropriate and maintain our focus on that: what should be done, not what can be done.

We are drawn to projects which have unique company-customer relationship issues. We build sites of all sizes, from 10 pages to 10,000 pages.

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